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The Blandford Fair

10 North Street

PO Box 875

Blandford, MA 01008

  • The Blandford Fair

© 2017 The Blandford Fair


Kiddie Class: 

            120 cc


Stock Class: 

           400 cc     600 cc

           601 cc     800 cc


Stock Class Improved:  

           400 cc     600 cc

           601 cc     800 cc

Four Stroke Stock:


Vintage 1987 Single Cylinder:

            340 cc     439 cc   

            440 cc +



            If you can get it there you can run it!    



           Factory stock engine

           No modifications

           Cool down fittings allowed

           Suspension tie-down permitted


Improved Stock:

           Stock sled with ORIGINAL engine

           Engine work permitted retaining original cc's

           Any clutch or pipe

Track:     350'

Cool Down:  400'+






  •   Any violation will result in entrant forfeiture

        of prize monies and disqualification for the


2.  Admission: 

  •  $ 10.00 per individual

3.  Registration: 

  •  $ 25.00 per class. 

  •   Registration is 6:00 a.m. - 10:00.  

  •   One Registration per class  

4.    Drivers are responsible for signing & entering

       the correct class.  There will be NO REFUNDS

       if signed up incorrectly.                 

5.  Waivers:

  •  All Drivers and pit crew MUST sign a waiver.

  •  Drivers under age 18 shall have a parent/          

        guardian signature.

6.  Drivers under 18 must have parent/guardian

     present during event.

7.  Snowmobiles:

  •  All snowmobiles shall have a functional working tether switch 

        attached to driver and tested prior to racing.

  •   Numbers shall be displayed.

  •   Jack Stands with backs are required whenever snowmobile

         track is off the ground with engine running.

  •   There will be a MANDATORY technical inspection off ALL

         snowmobiles prior to start of race.

9.  Safety Gear:

  •    All Drives MUST wear helmet with chin strap fastened, with      shield down or googles.

  •    Work style boots.

  •    Long sleeve shirts.

  •    Flak jacket or leather.

8.  ONE crew member will be allowed at Start Line with SAFETY


9.  Each Class will be DOUBLE ELIMINATION

10. Race Director has FINAL decisions on any issues.